Month: April 2014

The Double – Atmospheric, Unsettling, and Brilliant



With his first film, Submarine, Richard Ayoade proved that there was more to him than his brilliant portrayal of The IT Crowd‘s Maurice Moss, crafting a warm and smart coming-of-age tale. With his follow-up, The Double, not only does he prove that he is not just a funny actor, but a film-maker with great ability and a fantastic eye for detail. An atmospheric black comedy with a fascinating setting and a profoundly unsettling central premise makes for one of the year’s best films so far.



[Spoilers] Captain America: The Winter Soldier – A Group Review


After a late-night pre-screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Watching Between the Lines gang decided that the best way to review the film would be through a discussion. Given that we all have different levels of superhero fanboyism and Marvel expertise, there’s something within for all. [SPOILER WARNING] from here on out.