Month: March 2015

Within this Wooden Odeon? : Theatre and Screenings in the UK


Theatre these days appears to not be on the stages of the Globe or the National, but before the comfy screens of an Odeon or a Curzon. All big West End blockbusters eventually settles in select screenings across the UK now: I know I can miss any Hamlet or Cumberbatch because I can catch up on the action in a month or two at my local Odeon. But does that cheapen the experience? I know people who have paid up to a hundred pounds to see some plays in London, yet I could eventually get them for under a twenty. I have been wondering if this digital embrace from the arts has broadened the demographic horizon, or if, in reality, it’s encouraged regular theatregoers from switching to the more affordable option.



Chappie Review – Mechanical Mediocrity


Back in 2009, Neill Blomkampp directed a film about shrimps, South Africa, and cat food. Six years on, if you swap the shrimp aliens with robots (and the cat food with a rubber chicken) you have Blomkamp’s inferior successor, Chappie. Some of the parts may work, but the whole piece is a clunky contraption, much like its titular tin-can.