Month: April 2015

[SPOILERS] The Avengers: Age of Ultron – A Group Review

Age of Ultron

With the conclusion of Marvel’s ‘Phase Two’, we thought it appropriate to all sit down and share our man-giggles and squeeing over the new Avengers: Age of Ultron. It being such a massive film with so many moving parts, the best way to tackle it seemed to just have a conversation. SPOILERS ahead, so if you haven’t seen the film, do.



While We’re Young Review – Middle-Aging Gracefully

While We're Young

Further proving that accessibility is no bad thing in movies, While We’re Young, writer/director Noah Baumbach’s most audience-friendly film to date, is also his best work thus far, with the caveat that his latest, Mistress America, has not yet seen a UK release. Following in the footsteps of his regular collaborator Wes Anderson and his Oscar-winning masterpiece The Grand Budapest Hotel, Baumbach has sacrificed some of his idiosyncrasies in favour of crafting a warm, sincere, and very funny film whilst also managing to maintain his distinctive voice. It feels very fitting that a story so concerned with the effects of age should show its creator at his most mature, handling inter-generational conflicts without resorting to clichés or easy judgements of its characters. (more…)

The Tales of the Princess Kaguya Review: A Watercolour Wonder


With rumours about Studio Ghibli’s hiatus, and even possible closure, it seems all the more relevant to appreciate the quality of their films. While Disney was certainly the game-changer, Ghibli has films that only become more complex and insightful as one gets older. In The Tales of Princess Kaguya, not only do we get the Japanese flavour of a Disney Princess, but also, after nearly 15 years, we see Isao Takahata, finish his next animated splendour. Takahata is often considered the number 2 to Hayao Miyazaki, but whereas the head Ghibli honcho has retired after The Wind Rises, this director is still at the drawing board at 79 as he revives Japan’s oldest fairy tale yet.