Top 15 Superhero Films (5-1)


In celebration of Deadpool’s release yesterday, and the oncoming Superhero onslaught, I have been piling together a  list of the greatest superhero films (in my humble opinion). With 15-11 and 10-6 out the way, we finally reach the ones that made the final cut: the fearsome five!


5 – Superman/Superman 2



I know, I know, I’m cheating when I put two films together for the number five slot; but I’ll attest that the two films were filmed back to back as one major film so I’m not entirely in the wrong! While these two films may have aged over the decades (though not so much as its sequels), Superman I and II are light, charming films that deserve their place on the list for the sheer impact they had. With mind-blowing effects and the first proper introduction of the superhero genre into Hollywood, Superman I and II should be remembered and appreciated for what they are! Maybe you will ‘believe a man can fly’!

Best Moment: ‘Don’t worry miss, I’ve got you’ ‘You’ve got me, but whose got you?!’


4 – The Incredibles


A family-man/superhero? A good idea. A family man/superhero suffering a mid-life crisis? A brilliant idea. As the best Fantastic Four film out there (which in many ways is such a shame), The Incredibles is Brad Bird’s take on the genre that uses 3D animation to its full advantage. Yet the film never lets style get over substance, as the film proves to be surprisingly mature alongside the high laughs and suspense it also brings to the table. Blending Simpson family wit, 007’s fanfare, and the Pixar touch, The Incredibles works not only as one of the best superhero films of all time, but as one of the greatest animated flicks too. I may even have to rearrange my Top 15 Animated Films list now…

Best Moment: Sam Jackson and his quest for the super suit.


3 – The Avengers



The Avengers is so high up on this list because of the expectations that came with it. As Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Hulk, Thor and Captain America crescendoed, Joss Wheon had a seemingly impossible task of balancing all these solo-star superheroes while making a tight story without over-inflation. Well, the vengers succeeded in becoming a comic book blockbuster unlike any other. Previously holding the title of third highest grossing movie of all time, and spearheading the MCU as one of the most successful franchises, there’s a lot to show for it. The impressive scale that Whedon achieves whilst giving time to shine for all of his cast, The Avengers provides one of the most satisfying blockbusters to date.

Best Moment: When all the Avengers finally Assemble!


2 – The Dark Knight



It seems we have had a recurring trend of Batman films, as the Caped Crusader has taken nearly a third of the places in this list! But among all the batarangs and shark repellents, Christopher Nolan’s The dark Knight reigns cinematic supreme out of them all. With the infamous Ledger Joker portrayal and a far grittier, real tone to the film than any other comic book film to date, The Dark Knight demonstrated how the superhero genre can be taken seriously in the right hands. While some of these films have dated over the years, even number 1 on the list, The Dark Knight retains its quality after every viewing and works even without the superhero capes and crusades.

Best Moment: The interrogation scene is the bloody cherry on top of this film.


1 – Spiderman 2



Yes, Spider-man 2, in many ways the polar opposite of The Dark Knight. It’s far more fantastical, far less realistic, and easily more light hearted. Yet what The dark Knight achieves in making the superhero genre realistic, Spider-Man 2 does in embodying everything that makes a superhero film. With the one- liners, to the fight scenes, webswinging to romancing, Sam Rami crafts a film that literally translates the comic book experience. With a stellar cast, a formidable foe, a visual rollercoaster, some ageless comedy, and a strong nostalgia for the superhero medium, Sam Raimi achieve making a film that encompassed everything that defines a superhero movie. And with that in mind, I couldn’t think of a better film to stand as number 1 in this superhero film list!

Best Moment: A toss-up between Spidey and Ock’s train skirmish, or Tobey Maguire’s downward spiral into being ‘Spider-Man no more’


Thanks for reading, and if you want to see the all the results, here’s a master list below:

15 – Hellboy II: The Golden Army

14 – Spider-Man

13 – Guardians of the Galaxy

12 – Batman Returns

11 – Unbreakable

10 – Batman Begins

9 – X2

8 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

7 – Batman

6 – Iron Man

5 – Superman I/ II

4 – The Incredibles

3 – The Avengers

2 – The Dark Knight

1 – Spider-Man 2



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