Watching Between the Lines was founded in late 2013 as a platform for students passionate about film to improve their writing, hone their professionalism, and find an audience. Balancing formal filmic analysis with a conversational tone, WBTL publishes articles, opinion pieces, reviews, and ‘best-ofs’ with the intent to inform, discuss, and celebrate all things cinema. Our work has also attracted the attention of professional critics, giving our writers great opportunities to expand their experience. Notable readers include Chris Addison, Tony Hale and Frank Rich.

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Andrew Marks: Studying English and Film at King’s College London, film writing serves as a welcome contrast to his more academic outputs. Since founding Watching Between the Lines for casual film discussion with his friends, he has developed as an editor, writer and watcher. He approaches his writing with a respect for all methodologies, and realises that the best way to improve is simply to write regularly and passionately. Working with Jack has given him a more detail-oriented style and an opportunity to look past the final cut and deeper into the filmmaking process. His favourite film is the iconically dystopian Brazil, and he has most recently enjoyed Snowpiercer and Interstellar. // @AndrewJohnMarks

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Jack Blackwell: Currently reading History and War Studies (also at King’s), Jack started writing a film blog in early 2012 following the advice of Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw and Telegraph critic Robbie Collin about the best way to get into professional film writing. Films have been an interest of his since 2009, but the last year, in which he co-founded Watching Between the Lines, has seen them become more and more important to him. Having an editor (in the form of Andrew) has improved his writing and ability to use feedback, as has vetting Andrew’s work. He does not have a favourite film but has recently enjoyed Birdman, Whiplash, and Guardians of the Galaxy. // @JackBlackwell95

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We are proud to work in collaboration with the King’s College London Film Society to serve as an outlet for their talented writers and filmmakers. We take submissions for articles at watchingbetweenthelines@gmail.com, and they can range from opinionated editorials to critical essays.

Facebook // @KCLFilmSoc

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