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An alternative look at Mr Turner – Self-congratulatory whilst saying nothing



Guest written by Dylan Edwards


I like some of Mike Leigh’s films a lot, and used to love him; he used to have things to say, and semi-interesting methods with which to say them. Didn’t he? The older I get – and, though I hate to say it, perhaps the older he gets, too – the more I begin to see him as perhaps the single least vital or urgent filmmaker of all of today’s ‘major’ world-stage players; a thinking-man’s cinema for the thinking-man totally uninterested in cinema itself, more in something familiar and unchallenging masquerading as cerebral and complex, two things which Mr Turner is emphatically not. Mr Turner is a profoundly superficial and simplistic film even judged by the biopic conventions and artless structure it rigidly prescribes to. (more…)