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Black Mass, Early Review – Boston Illegal

Black Mass

Three films into his career, Scott Cooper appears to have found a rhythm that suits him. Both Crazy Heart and Out of the Furnace were un-flourishy showcases of the remarkable talents of his actors, and his latest effort Black Mass follows the same pattern, whilst being a lot more entertaining than either of its predecessors. Crazy Heart won Jeff Bridges a long-overdue Oscar, Furnace was further proof of Casey Affleck’s considerable abilities, and now Black Mass is a high-profile comeback for Johnny Depp. After over a decade of playing Jack Sparrow and other characters with the exact same quirks, Depp’s performance as notorious Boston gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger proves that he can still be award-winningly good.  (more…)


Imitation Game Review – A Scandal in Bletchley

imitation game

Alan Turing was never going to be an easy subject to put into a single film, seeing as both he and his story were so varied and fascinating. Not only was he one of the single greatest contributors to the Allied victory in World War 2, he also invented computer science and, in a shameful and tragic twist, eventually killed himself after being horrifically persecuted for his homosexuality. Thankfully, The Imitation Game and its leading man, Benedict Cumberbatch, do a superb job of bringing this tale to life in a touching, nuanced, and exciting film. In a year positively teeming with Oscar-bait biopics, The Imitation Game is a definite highlight. (more…)