Chris Pratt

Jurassic World Review – Visual Dino-mite


Having gone through two previous sequels, 14 years of production hell, and a budget of $150 million, Jurassic World certainly feels like a film 65 million years in the making. The effort has seemed to have been quite literally worth it in this case as the flick has stomped on previous box office records with a tremendous $511 million – blockbuster numbers worthy of the kings of lizards. Of course, the wonder of the Jurassic franchise has lost some of its bite over the years, and that Spielberg magic can never truly be revived from the original. Instead, the film it does what all sequels are expected to do: bigger set pieces, better carnage, and longer t-rex arms. The Indominus Rex is a mutant meta-saurus of the film designed to get over the problem that ‘no one’s impressed by a dinosaur these days’.



Guardians of the Galaxy – Hooked on this Feeling


Following the remarkable Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios continues to impress with the intergalactic excursion of an unlikely team of crusading criminals in The Guardians of the Galaxy. Blasting off from cookie-cutter crap that has characterised many superhero films in recent memory, Marvel’s trend of differentiating each saga through tone and genre keeps the continually expanding universe fresh—if there’s one word that summarises this film, it’s ‘fresh’. In a lot of ways, Guardians plays as a parody of the superhero genre with its hilarious rag-tag collection of flawed heroes, but its fun tone sits extremely well with deeper themes of friendship, unity, and support which could easily have felt superficial in a less confident film. Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy delights with its chaotic sense of humour, its incredible ensemble, and its surprisingly touching sincerity.