Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past – Inconsistent Superhero-ing



Given that the X-Men franchise is now 14 years old, the fans of the film series have certain expectations by now of what they’re going to see. These include, but are not limited to; Hugh Jackman snarling, a slightly more than platonic love between Magneto and Professor X and parallels between the plight of the mutants and the real world plight of the civil rights/sexual equality movements. Days of Future Past (featuring the return of original director Bryan Singer) delivers on all these fronts in a major way (Wolverine is featured throughout, both incarnations of the opposing mutant leaders appear, the 70s occur) as well as boldly charting a new path that separates it from its predecessors, basing its story on a run from the comics involving time travel and mutant near-extinction. Newcomers may feel unwelcome, but the long-term fans should feel rewarded. (more…)