Emmanuel Lubezki

The Revenant Review – Surviving in a Winter Wonderland


While audiences love watching Bear Grylls surviving in the wilderness on the TV screen, Alejandro G. Iñárritu shows us the real deal on the cinema screen. Detailing (very loosely) the mythic frontier test of endurance with the wild-west quest for payback, The Revenant strives to blend epic survival with classic revenge thriller.



Birdman, Early Review – Keaton Soars


Birdman, the latest effort from distinctive director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárittu, is a particularly bold film. Not only is it very technically impressive, but it deals with risky themes like the differentiation between pop culture and art and the inherent impotence of critics, which when handled poorly can make a film look self-conscious and above reproach. Luckily for both the movie and the audience, Birdman negotiates these incredibly complex and substantial themes deftly and with a sense of scope and proportion, touching on modern pop-culture, egomania, self-delusion, and the fundamental purpose of art; no small order for a film so immediately accessible. Beautifully written and performed, with a striking and unique soundtrack alongside genuinely breath-taking cinematography, Birdman is a strong contender for the best film of 2014.