Gareth Edwards

Monsters: Dark Continent – A Bloody Tentacled Mess


Taking a marked turn from Gareth Edward’s survival film Monsters, Monsters: Dark Continent feels like Pacific Rim smashed into Hurt Locker with all the best bits taken out, ending up as a gritty depiction of modern warfare with, hm, twelve-story-tall shuffling tentacle monsters from space. Though its technical prowess makes it a seemingly worthy sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent is severely hampered by its inconsistent focus, shallow characterisation, and bizarre racially-charged mysticism.



Godzilla (2014) – Big, Beautiful, and Not Bad




With his 2010 film, Monsters, Gareth Edwards proved that he was adept at crafting a world believably inhabited by both humans and giant beasts, even when on a shoestring budget. With Godzilla, he has achieved largely the same thing, although this time with an enormous amount of studio money. Putting this to good use, Edwards’ Godzilla is a film which sets a high mark for all other effects-based movies, with some of the most jaw-dropping moments that anyone is likely to see this year. Not only that, but the human element, whilst occasionally strained and never quite matching the pure brilliance of the monster sequences, is a lot better than is to usually be expected in stories of this ilk, helped greatly by an impressive cast. (more…)