Grand Budapest Hotel

Oscar Nomination Predictions 2015

Because we here at Watching Between the Lines are on the ball, we’ve put together our predicted Oscar nominations a whole few minutes ahead of the actual announcement ceremony. Some categories have their runaway winners such as Julianne Moore for Best Actress, but others, like both Screenplay categories, are still at least a three way tie. It’s been an excellent year for cinema, and almost anything mentioned here will absolutely be a worthy nominee or winner.

UPDATE: Not bad. We nailed Original Screenplay, but we were met with some bizarre choices this year. In addition to the LEGO Movie snubbed (bullshit), Bradley Cooper (American Sniper) got the Best Actor nomination instead of David Oyelowo (Selma), meaning that there are precisely twenty white faces of the twenty nominated actors and actresses. Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman lead with nine nominations each, Imitation Game earns eight, and Boyhood and American Sniper trail with six apiece. A lot of disappointment with Selma and Nightcrawler’s lack of presence this year.



Grand Budapest Hotel – Check In for a Good Time


Whilst I am never a fan of the love-it-or-hate Marmite analogy that is often applied to distinctive filmmakers, there can be little doubt that Wes Anderson’s movies are rather divisive. They are alternately hailed as fresh, exciting visions in a world dominated by slightly drab franchises or dismissed as style-over-substance fluff. However, I feel that his latest effort, The Grand Budapest Hotel should not suffer from the same problems. Yes, it is hyper-stylised, symmetrical, straight-lined and full of stop-motion interludes, but beneath this exterior lies a hilarious and heartfelt script, some really excellent performances and an intriguing story set in the ever-tragic period of interwar central Europe.