The Grand Budapest Hotel

While We’re Young Review – Middle-Aging Gracefully

While We're Young

Further proving that accessibility is no bad thing in movies, While We’re Young, writer/director Noah Baumbach’s most audience-friendly film to date, is also his best work thus far, with the caveat that his latest, Mistress America, has not yet seen a UK release. Following in the footsteps of his regular collaborator Wes Anderson and his Oscar-winning masterpiece The Grand Budapest Hotel, Baumbach has sacrificed some of his idiosyncrasies in favour of crafting a warm, sincere, and very funny film whilst also managing to maintain his distinctive voice. It feels very fitting that a story so concerned with the effects of age should show its creator at his most mature, handling inter-generational conflicts without resorting to clichés or easy judgements of its characters. (more…)


Andrew’s Top Ten Films of 2014

Now we’re officially at the end of the beginning of 2015, I figured now would be a good a time as any to share my favourite films of the last year. The Oscars still haven’t happened, so this is still relevant I promise. No, I haven’t procrastinated this piece since December. Shut up.

2014 was, unquestionably, a remarkable year for filmmaking with record-breaking box office turnouts and, more importantly, an absolute cavalcade of top-notch films. It was also an especially exciting year for me personally in the world of film, as Jack and I attended the London Film Festival in October and then followed it up with a number of screenings around London in the months preceding Awards Season.